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October 2, 2012

Letter New Hampshire voters must recapture hijacked Legislature

To the editor:

You may be like many people in Southern New Hampshire, a transplant from somewhere, working in Massachusetts and not very connected to New Hampshire politics. It's time to take notice.

The Legislature has been stolen from unsuspecting New Hampshire citizens by Free Staters and far, far right-wing Republicans led by Bill O'Brien who are intent on enacting their own personal social agendas. The "Republican Party" is not what it once was.

Examples of the many far, far right-wing actions:

- Established a study committee to allow the diversion of public money to fund students attending private and religious schools. This puts New Hampshire on a path to closing public schools and going to a voucher system for educating our children.

- Ended funding of Planned Parenthood, thereby eliminating access to preventative health care for thousands of women. Federal grants now go to PP of Northern New England.

- Drastically reduced Health and Human Services programs affecting our neediest: vocational and job training for the unemployed, Children in Need of Services, domestic violence victims, elderly services, Head Start and child care.

This draconian social agenda has been forced on New Hampshire citizens by the Republican majority, O'Brien-led House. Nothing was done to promote new businesses or more jobs.

Make sure you are registered to vote and get to the polls on Nov. 6

We must restore balance and common sense to the Legislature by electing sensible, rational representatives who will stand against the O'Brien-led coalition of Republicans in Concord.

Dee Lewis

Salem, N.H.

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