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October 2, 2012

Letter: How has Obama failed? Let us count the ways

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — To the editor:

I just don't understand it. There are still people out there who think Barack Obama is qualified to be president. I guess they are still spellbound by his charisma and their hope for change.

Unfortunately, there is a reality to deal with — Obama's record of failure:

— Open and transparent government. Failure.

— The Affordable Care Act. It's not affordable. Failure.

— First stimulus. Payback to supporters. Failure.

— Unemployment over 8 percent for three years. Failure.

— A $16 trillion national debt; $6.5 trillion added by Obama in just three years. Failure.

— Mortgage relief that didn't happen. Failure.

— Lower college tuitions for more accessible education. Didn't happen. Failure.

— Wall Street and banking reform. The meaningless Dodd-Frank bill. Failure.

— GM bailout. The Chevy Volt; $24 billion still at risk. Failure.

— National immigration reform. Didn't happen. Failure.

— Fast and Furious. Leads to dead Americans. Failure.

— Gitmo prisoner release. Leads to Benghazi and dead Americans. Failure.

— Muslim peace dividend. Egypt no longer an ally. Failure.

– Bin Laden dead. You didn't do that, Mr. President, someone else did!.

Let's face it. This president is unqualified and a he is a failure.

Gennaro A. Ruocco Jr.