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July 6, 2013

Sound Off

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — No coincidence?

Is it a coincidence that a neighborhood that has no graffiti suddenly has a rash of graffiti posted, then at the end of the week we have a salesman going door to door selling security systems? Please, we old-timers have a hard enough time making ends meet without having our property defaced and then dealing with scam artists.

What a fraud

Obama is at it again, deceiving the American people. He has decided not to implement Obamacare for businesses and employers until 2015, even though the law says full implementation for all is 2014. He is now implementing laws when it is convenient for him. He is doing this, not because of the devastation it will cause to the people, but solely because he fears the 2014 election will give the Republicans the majority in the Senate, which will then lead to repealing this Obamacare debacle. Exactly what almost 70 percent of the people want.

Speaking of fraud..

There should be more investigation into who should really be issued EBT cards. Watching people at the market, their baskets full to the top, is so aggravating, especially when I gave up buying certain things cause I couldn’t afford it. There ARE jobs out there, they should be made to work like the rest of us.

George and Abe

To all the persons united in the belief that George Zimmerman is innocent: I defend your rights, I also have the privilege to disagree with your discernment. Why this mass of communication to Sound Off declaring Mr. Zimmeran’s innocence? To quote Abraham Lincoln, ‘‘Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.”

He’s guilty

George Zimmerman was armed and looking for a fight the night he murdered Trayvon Martin. Just listen to the 911 tapes! The role of a neighborhood watchman is to observe and report. Not stalk, confront, harass and goad an unarmed kid into a fight so the watchman has an excuse to shoot in so-called self-defense. Clearly Zimmerman is guilty.