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July 8, 2013

Sound Off

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — Show some respect

To “Had a laugh” and “Stop whining”: Noise is NOT a part of everyday life; there are laws against it. The law states if your home is close to another’s home and the noise or music is affecting the other home owner’s peace and quiet, then it’s too loud and you are breaking the law. You can party without being loud and disrespectful to your neighbor. If not, I suggest you move to a location where you have no neighbors. Everyone has rights, yours is to party -- without disturbing the rest of the neighborhood. It’s a matter of respect for your neighbor’s rights. In my day, we partied plenty, had a good time but never disturbed anyone else.

No old fogey

To critics of my comment about screamers and screechers: You misread it. I clearly said that I love to hear children’s laughter and adults’ laughter as well, for that matter, when they are enjoying their yard, pool and playing. It is the almost non-stop screaming and screeching of the children, their friends and the adults that is annoying, not the laughter. Laughter is wonderful. And, by the way, you were wrong to assume I am elderly and rude to advise me to move from my neighborhood and go to elder housing to be with senior citizens. You do not know me.

From “Mow this”

There is an old saying that goes “One man’s food is another man’s poison.” I prefer the grass on my lawn to be tall, green and plush. Should it reach my second-floor window, I will get it cut. And stop calling my lawn ornaments junk and debris, I do not make fun of your strange-looking thingies. MYOB.

Thanks, HPD

As residents in the Haverhill stadium area, we would like to thank the traffic police officers for a fine job of managing the flow of traffic. They did their very best to protect the pedestrians as we walked home and to keep the cars moving along at the same time. Job well done!

Who needs Congress?

President Obama has delayed the implementation of the employer mandate in Obamacare until after the 2014 election. This is because Obamacare is becoming unpopular as people begin to realize what a disaster this is going to be and to protect Democrats from the fallout. More importantly, his actions are illegal because the executive branch cannot pick and choose which laws to enforce. Only the legislature can make or change laws; the executive branch must enforce those laws. If Obama can do this to his Obamacare, what do you think he’ll do to any immigration reform legislation? If you think you’ll have 40,000 border agents, think again.

Obama cancelled 4th festivities

While our president was spending $100 million vacationing in Africa and spending $37 million just promoting Obamacare, many military bases across the country, like Camp Lejeune Marine Corps Base cancelled any Fourth of July celebrations due to sequestration. Think about that and thank a Democrat.