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July 10, 2013

Sound Off

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — Summer slobs

I truly wish everyone a wonderful summer. But I just have to mention a few things I observed over this holiday weekend. Lit cigarettes tossed in the Market Basket mulch time and again. Passengers on 495 flinging bottles and candy wrappers out of the car windows, also McDonald’s bags. Texting drivers in the zone — Oh, forgot I was driving Is that a car beside me? The vehicles I observed had families in them. Is this really the example you want to set for your children? I know many of you will call me names. Well, go right ahead. I am right on this. You and I want to keep America beautiful I am not saying I am perfect, but please think before you throw out that gum wrapper or bottle next time. Also getting your family to the destination safely is the ultimate goal, is any text really that important to risk not reaching that destination? Have a wonderful summer!

Solar sermon

A July 1 article in this newspaper reported that New England churches are planning to divest their portfolios of oil and coal stocks in opposition to these companies’ contributions to global warming. However, this is an empty and counter-productive gesture. If they are really concerned about reducing carbon dioxide emissions, then they should put solar panels on their roofs to generate their own electricity. Then they can use their fossil fuel company stocks to introduce shareholder resolutions aimed at reducing carbon emissions. That would be putting their money where their mouths are.

Fuzzy math

Pertaining to July 6 “What a fraud” entry: Where does the writer find the “almost 70 percent of the people” want Obamacare repealed? If by “the people” the writer only counts Republicans or people who are on or who watch Fox News to get their news, I can understand. Maybe 35 percent is almost 70 percent. Who knew?

Obama and Morsi

Does anyone else see the incredible parallels between the fallen government in Egypt and what is happening in the executive branch of our government? Both have gone after the press in unprecedented ways, both have set up unelected czars to control the people, and both have tried to get around the constitution of their countries. I hope President Obama is watching to see what happens when the government goes berserk and doesn’t do the will of the people.

All show Obama

In 2008, I voted Democrat even though I was a Republican. Obama seemed o be an answer for our troubled country. After the first four years, I and millions of others find we voted for a dud. This guy is all show and had done nothing good to help my country. In fact he has spent more, and we have nothing to be happy about. The countries which were friends of the U.S. look down on him as a failure. He wants to be a dictator. We do not want this to happen in America.

Yes, there is

Is there a fund to raise money for the 19 Arizona firefighters’ families? Please let us know, Eagle-Tribune, We will gladly contribute. And as for the sole survivor, may God be with him. (Editor’s note: The official website for donations is Yarnellfallenfirefighters.com.)