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July 11, 2013

Letter: Whistleblowers help protect our democracy

To the editor:

I do not think Michael Bleiweiss understands that in a democratic system of government moles or whisleblowers are necessary to maintain checks and balances in the system (Letter: “GOP mole in IRS scandal?”, June 30 ). Otherwise, the system will be a dictatorial system of government. To my mind, there should be GOP or Democratic whistleblowers in the government so that government cannot do anything wrong.

The IRS can check anybody’s income, and it has a right to do so. But, if the checking is politically oriented, it should be investigated. There is no reason for liberals to be upset.

Is it the idea of liberals to fund all projects whether you have money or not? I can understand, following liberal principle, President Obama is printing money like a spoiled kid. He has kept every liberal mouth shut by giving money to everybody. He does not think that, like Europe, he can hit the Law of Diminishing Returns!

In spite of Obama’s hugging and kissing, more American soldiers have died in Afghanistan in four years than during Mr. Bush’s eight years of presidency. His hugging and kissing did not stop the Boston Marathon bombing.

Michael Bleiweiss says President Bush allowed the torture of captured soldiers. When you are in the business of killing human beings, torture is justified. In special cases, warrantless wiretapping is justified. It was a standard practice before Bush came to power. If by torture you get vital information to save lives, it is justified.

Obama has directed American soldiers not to shoot first to save innocent lives. When a terrorist hides among families and has a gun, American soldiers should not shoot first. Now, when a person with a gun shoots you, then an American soldier should shoot him. Following Obama’s directive, more American soldiers have died in Iraq and Afghanistan. Obama is really intelligent.

My conclusion is that whistleblowers are necessary in any government to know the truth. People have a right to know how efficiently government is working.

Tapan Bhattacharjee


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