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December 19, 2012

Sound Off

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — D.C. double standard

What hypocrites those people in Washington, D.C., are! It’s not OK when 20 school children here in the United States get wiped out with bullets, but it is OK if children in Mexico are gunned down with guns supplied by the American government under the Fast and Furious program. Oh, could it be that this administration is only looking for another excuse to disarm the American public and take away the constitutional right to bear arms?

A gun solution

I don’t know where else to voice this, but I think people should hear this idea. Any guns in the home should be protected by two separate locks. The first, the outer container should be of such a type that if it were opened, it would be “flagged” that it had been opened. If a kid were to manage to defeat the first lock — by brute number crunching or whatever — they would be stopped by the second, and the owner would be alerted to the reality before anything tragic could happen. When we were kids, a friend and I managed to defeat a four-digit combination lock (10,000 possible combinations) in about 2 days by simply trying each number in succession.

Don’t blame guns

I really feel for Newtown. I have young children in school. I also own guns. Please, we need to understand it was not the guns that killed the children and teachers; it was some one with a mental illness. We have had a lot of bad things happen to our country — the twin towers , hit by planes, how many people killed? No one was yelling to do away with planes. Oklahoma with that sick man McVeigh in a U-haul truck killing how many young children and adults? No one yelling to do away with box trucks. I could go on. We need to unite and find a way to help fix the problem. If we do away with everything that kills, there would be no vehicles on the streets, you couldn’t have a knife to cut your steak. Again, I had a tear in my eyes holding my daughter watching the news. If guns are taken away, what’s next?

Tax the rich

In today’s Tribune, one of the Scripps Howard writers said hooray for the 1 percent for what they do for us. He is not the first one to say it, and he won’t be the last. But for him and all the others that will say the same thing and sugarcoat it, they are not being realistic. Regardless of what they say, all the money is tied up with the 1 percent. If the economy is down, that 1 percent has to give more in taxes. France just raised their tax for the affluent to 75 percent. One group cannot ever have it all without the rest of the country feeling it. This has happened before, and it will happen again

Out of my way

Here’s a suggestion for you drivers — and you know who you are — who treated this little dusting of snow like the second coming of the Blizzard of ‘78: Do those of us who know how to drive a favor and stay off the roads!

Whose money?

The writer who said was Elizabeth Warren overspent her money was on the right track but erred in saying Obama overspends his money. It does not belong to him. It’s our money. We don’t have a dictator, at least not yet, but it’s fast approaching.

A&P history

The A&P was broken up; It might have been before or after AT&T, but it was broken up if there are a couple of stores with that name in some backwater town so be it, but the original company was broken up.

No. 44

Surprisingly mail is still coming into the newspapers saying Obama is going to ruin the country, which is farthest from the truth of course. We have had over 40 presidents, some good some bad and some just plain lousy, nd none have ruined the country. The one that came the closest was, of course, a Republican. He did in four years what took FDR almost 16 years to get us out of.good president to get us out of a mess hence FDR.