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November 6, 2012

Sound Off

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — Halloween

To the caller who said people have nothing better to do that to complain about the trick-or-treating change: Halloween is a big deal to kids and they don’t understand, nor should they be worried about the “turmoil” in the world. It is a night for them to have fun. They don’t understand why is it cancelled for no apparent reason.

Postal service

Let me please clarify a recent ill informed Sound Off regarding the U.S. Postal Service’s finances: “Rapidly deteriorating service and overblown benefits” are not the reason the USPS is losing money. The reason is a congressional mandate requiring the USPS to over-fund retiree benefits! Congress has required the USPS to fund retiree benefits for the next 75 years, in a 10-year span! We are currently nearing year 7 of that plan. No other government agency has this stranglehold plan. Before this plan, USPS was making profits. That congressional mandate is what is killing the USPS. We are required to fund retirement benefits for future employees, who have not even been born yet.

War on women

Boy, did letter writer Kathleen Garon get it right when she said that the real war on women isn’t the one we’re hearing about on the news. Planned Parenthood should be abolished.


I can’t say I’m surprised by your stance on Question 3 where you state that it’s been nothing but a fiasco in California and Colorado. California, yes because they have the loosest qualifications — basically a hangnail will get you marijuana. Colorado’s been tightening it up. Every state that has successfully made it legal medically has tightened up the rule. In this state, it would be a felony to abuse the rule. That would make it the safest state in the union that has medical marijuana.


Who has muddied the waters more: Hurricane Sandy or all of the political candidates?


Why vote? The polls tell us who’s going to win. It’s not up to the people who voted, it’s the Electoral College. I think they should do away with the polls and the Electoral College.


It’s a shame that a lot of mistakes were made in Libya. What bothers me more is the complete cover-up. How many more lies are the president and his administration hiding? It’s shocking that only Fox has any coverage on Libya. Shame on the media.

Dog problems

I hope that someone running the town of Andover will read this in Sound Off: I am tired of my neighbors allowing their dogs to walk on my property to do their business. They have leashes that extend beyond what the town allows. They rarely have or use a bag to pick up what their dogs leave behind. If they have a bag with them, it seems that it is always filled prior to their going on a walk. Yesterday, I saw someone walking two dogs in my neighborhood. She let her dogs do their duty in the yard of my neighbor across the street. She did not use a bag to remove anything. It is about time that the town reminded our town dog owners that this is just not right.


I would like to say thank you very much to the kind gentleman, Artie, who stayed with me and my Audi for over one hour while I waited for AAA on a busy highway and then drove me home. I would have been lost without you. Thanks again, Artie.