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April 15, 2013

Sound Off

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — Food wasted

This is a ridiculous problem that has gone on too long! Some parents send their kids to get lunch knowing they haven’t paid for it. They tell them “just get in line they have to feed you.” I’ve heard kids say that when there is food assistance for them. There have been weeks when my kids brought jelly sandwiches because I couldn’t afford school lunch. I work at one of the Timberlane elementary schools and you should see all the food that gets thrown away — three lunch periods a day every day — because the lunch ladies make them take food they don’t like. Making them take peas won’t make them eat peas! One day at lunch I saw over 100 unripe green bananas thrown away by the children. I ask the children why they throw their food away and they say “I don’t like it, but they make us take it.” This is a disgusting waste of food. The district should run their own food service, give the kids a couple of healthy food choices and let them take only what they will eat! Stop putting unwanted food on their trays that ends up in the trash. I don’t understand why this is so hard to understand.

Losing value

Here’s something I found interesting. According to a website that shows homes and properties for sale, my home’s value has been going down for years. During those same years, my taxes have gone up an average of 5 percent every year. We do not get a 5 percent raise every year, nor do we earn anywhere near six-figures. Over time, we’ll be taxed out of our home if this does not stop. It’s no fun paying into a “nest egg” that you’ll no longer be able to nest in during your golden years.) Then check out the “Nearby Schools” report. You’ll see that Haverhill schools have an overall national rating of “3” on a 1-to-10 system, with 10 being the best schools. This national rating is a stark contrast to what we are being told. Whatever Haverhill was 20-something years ago is not what we are now. I’m tired of losing money on my property. I’m tired of being taxed to the hilt and still being told it’s not enough. And I’m tired of politicians putting honey in my ears to block out the truth.


Anyone who thinks Margaret Thatcher deserves this worshipful coverage should take a short trip to my native Scotland. Enjoy the street parties!

Vote them out

These liberal Democrats do take us, the working- and middle-class for granted. They want us to pay more and more taxes to bail out the MBTA when the T refuses to get its house in order. I read stories in the paper about secret retirement plans and lavish spending on wage increases, bonuses and hiring lots of new people. That is what happens when you have a one-party system like the Democrats do. They can vote any tax increase they want and they don’t care about the working people who pay and pay and pay. It is time to vote out the likes of these liberal Democrats.