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April 16, 2013

Sound Off

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — On the map

I hope the residents of Methuen who voted for the current members of the City Council are proud of the choices they made. They succeeded in putting Methuen on the map. It can now be considered as the main campus for Clown College.

Daytime TV

I thought today’s modern woman has evolved into a strong, independent-thinking, take-charge women of power? So why is daytime TV still aimed at the shallow June Cleavers? Daytime talk shows are all about cooking, cleaning gadgets, make-up, anti-aging, child-bearing and fashion.

Oliver’s fate

Regarding this whole situation with Oliver and the little girl that fell on him. Oliver is also a victim here, he was minding his own business! Never mind the family of the little girl putting out a hand of friendship. That family should also be apologizing, too, as the little girl was alone at 7 and her parent was in the house! If someone fell on you your first instinct would be to curse or yell or even hit — it’s a normal reaction. Oliver was on his property. Oliver needs to be with his family and the family of the little girl should step up and take all the responsibility for this incident. I feel sorry for the little girl.


I did say Reagan and Thatcher were two of a kind — both heartless. Now, we must assume they loved their countries; it’s the people they didn’t like, the middle class. I did not say I loved Obama. Perhaps Obama and Romney together could not get us out of the mess we are in. As for Reagan saving our country — from what? His party has always caused the problems but it was people like Franklin D. Roosevelt who saved us. It’s not because I said so. It’s right there in history.


Twenty beautiful children and 7 adults, brutally riddled with flesh and bone-splattering high-powered bullets, have raised the feeling of consternation among Americans like never before. There seems to be no precedent to that horrible event, and it has led to shameful positions taken by the NRA and right-wing extremists, intransigent in the acceptance of a few sensible reforms. The NRA has reminded Congress people that their votes will be monitored. Therein lies the problem.


To see rank incompetence reign in Methuen is no surprise. Those on the City Council serve the unions and the low-information voters who voted them into office. As long as the unions continue to call the shots, Methuen will always be home to incompetence.

Government’s role

I read that very good letter in a recent paper how the government drives our economy. He is right, of course. I lived through the Depression and if the government had not helped out we would be in a deep depression right now. A good example of this is General Motors. It was once one of the largest corporations and would be gone if it hadn’t received help; now it is stable again. Perhaps the best example of all is when FDR used government funds to start the WPA and other projects to gradually lift us out of the Depression that Hoover had a hand in creating.