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April 17, 2013

Sound Off

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — Need God

With all that has happened in Boston don’t you think it’s time to put God back into our lives. We need a leader that can lead us in an actual daily prayer, someone who can show us that God is all about love and not destruction. People destroy — some in the name of God — but those who do destroy are fanatics and need to answer to God. Prayer is the answer to ask God to keep peace in our world.


So once again our weak but fearless leader stood in front of the TV cameras and told us that he will find out who set the bombs at the Boston Marathon and bring them to justice. How many times have we heard this? First it was at the Colorado movie theater, then at Benghazi, then at Newtown. Same words, different time. This is what happens when there is no accountability and no strength in the White House. The weakness there is now prevalent throughout our society and it won’t go away until we elect somebody with a backbone who isn’t afraid to ruffle some feathers.


My grandson’s preschool years have almost come to and end and I would like to thank the teachers and sisters at the Presentation of Mary Preschool for another outstanding year of teaching. My grandson is so well prepared with all the academics he will need to enter kindergarten. The love, patience, and guidance that the staff has shown has helped to mold him into a caring, confident and well rounded youngster. Thank you, thank you, thank you.


I am a resident of Farrwood Drive in Haverhill and would like someone to please tell me when the huge and dangerous potholes on Farrwood Drive will be repaired. Do we need to wait until an accident happens, or the school buses refuse to pick up our children for school due to the enormous holes their vehicles must drive over every day? Please, City Council members, I know I reside on a private road, but I pay my taxes and would appreciate it if one of you could take a ride down our road and see the safety hazard that exists. Maybe the council can take steps to have whoever is responsible for the repair of the potholes take action.

It’s taking

I’ll try to explain to the caller “Chump change” why some of us support the so called 1-percent. It is because we, the regular “working” person who aspires to having all we can for ourselves and our families through hard work, are in varying degrees that 1 percent. Folks who support taking from some to give to others no matter how much they have, only do so because they think they are part of those on the receiving end. Call yourselves anything you want and label those who you want to take from any derogatory name you want, but in my book it is plain taking what you have not earned from those that have.

A difference

To “Casino”: You are comparing apples to oranges when you talk about a poker room and a casino.