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April 18, 2013

Sound Off

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — Gun control

Does anyone remember the reason for the Battle of Lexington and Concord? Gun control.

Bank security

Not that I’m any kind of security expert but wouldn’t it make sense for the banks to install some type of security system that operates off a customer’s debit card? They already use them to let you into the ATM. Why not use them to get into the bank lobby? Sure, it would have some glitches, but maybe you’d enter a pin number to get into the bank lobby. After all, the banks should also be thinking of the security of their customers. New customers would need to go up to the drive-through and go through a vetting process to gain access to the lobby such as a driver’s license. It’s not rocket science. Or for heaven’s sake, hire a security guard to check people out at the door. Someone coming in all hooded up like the person on the front page of The Eagle-Tribune really should have set off some alarms to someone.


Joe Biden made $385,000 last year and gave only $7,000 to charity. Here’s the kicker, included in the $385,000, he accepted $30,000 in Social Security. I thought Joe said we should share more and start giving back to those in need. It is a very well-known fact the Bidens don’t need the extra $30,000 and should have contributed it to the poor or a charity. But no! See how much the Democrats care about the people and see what total hypocrites the party is becoming. America, wake up.

Lost morality

Taylor Armerding’s column in Sunday’s paper was very enlightening. I don’t have any children but do have grand-nieces who are approaching puberty. It is alarming to read how a judge would allow these children to purchase this “morning-after” medication without consent of their parents. They shouldn’t even be thinking of having sex at that age, but the physical development of girls is faster than their mental development. It is sad that we now have to make our children aware of what could happen if they have intercourse at the ripe age of 12 and how they can correct it by taking a pill and not taking responsibility for their actions. I guess our country has reached an all-time low on morality. God help us.


If Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher are two of a kind it’s because they put the middle class back to work through lower unemployment. With lower interest rates, they helped the middle class into home ownership. They helped the elderly by not having their savings whittled away through inflation. And they didn’t let their citizenry be bullied by special interests. The both loved freedom and what it did for all our citizens. God bless them both. We need strong leaders like them now.

Feel-good measures

Does the caller “Shameful” realize that none of the legislation being proposed would have prevented the Newtown tragedy? This is all feel-good legislation to make you believe that we are doing something. It has nothing to do with the NRA, right-wingers or anything else. It has to do with legislators who think they can stop evil madmen.