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April 19, 2013

Sound Off

Casino ads

To the Wampanoag tribe: Can you please stop your incessant TV and radio commercials? The average person could care less whether you get a casino or not.

Obama’s reaction

It is very sad. President Obama showed more emotions for the failure of the gun control bill than he did for Benghazi and the bombing in Boston.


This is in response to the Sound Off about “our fearless leader” titled “Weakness”: You must have been in your glory when Bush and Cheney were in charge. They lied us into the Iraq war that killed and maimed tens of thousands of Americans. They did not worry about the costs of war, and they gave up chasing Osama bin Laden. If you can remember that far back, bin Laden was responsible for the deaths of 3,000 civilians on American soil. And how about that fantastic “Mission Accomplished” banner when the worst was yet to come? Oh, I’m sure Bush and Cheney were a pair of your “fearless leaders.” Finally, who was in command when bin Laden was terminated?

Biden’s charity

To the caller who was lamenting that Joe Biden gave only $7,000 to charity after taking his inflated salary and Social Security: Don’t worry! He’s an uber-liberal who is helping to make sure that the money you have earned is being given to the deadbeats who don’t want to work. That would include free food, phones, subsidized housing — the list goes on and on and on. So he can honestly say, when asked by the likes of us, “I gave at the office!”

Gun bill

While sitting here pondering on the Newtown tragedy, I cannot help but envision the blood of innocents dripping off of the fingers of those senators who pushed the button to vote “No” for the national weapons control bills. Where have all the compassionate conservatives and liberal Democrats gone?

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