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April 19, 2013

Sound Off



The spontaneous singing of our national anthem at the Bruins game did more to heal this nation than all the palaver of the politicians at the memorial service. What a bunch of self-serving blowhards those bureaucrats are!

Cab rule

I am extremely disappointed in the recent law passed prohibiting cabs from other cities picking up fares in Lawrence, as others must be. Who does the council think they are, trying to control free enterprise? Lawrence cabbies are free to pick up fares in Andover! Why a cabbie would want to pick up a fare in Lawrence is beyond me, but for the City Council to prohibit it is unconscionable. If this is where Lawrence is headed, then no one on the City Council will get my vote.

Talking cats

With all the woes of the world today I realize this comment is of little significance. I enjoy reading my paper from beginning to end. Each night when I read the comics, I read fewer and fewer. Why? Because nearly every comic strip writer has taken to including a talking cat. The talking cat thing is old and boring. The comics are like the “dessert” of the newspaper. Give us something delicious, please!


It was nice to see a street sweeper come down my street in Lawrence. But to my surprise they dumped all the dirt back on the street at the end of the road.

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