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November 15, 2013

Sound Off


Occasionally something quite spectacular pops up from our local musical talent pool. Such was the case on the Sept. 26 when “Kasiana” appeared on the Lifelong Learning program at Northern Essex Community College. The vocal artistry of Kasia Sokalla stunned with musical delights across a wide spectrum. Her musical instincts were spot on and made my job as her accompanist pure pleasure. I was delighted to collaborate with her. Music lovers should now be on notice to watch for her upcoming performances.

He’s no liberal

A Sound Off writer calls Taylor Armerding a liberal. Now I have written to Taylor and I respect his views and he respects mine. To call Taylor a liberal is ridiculous. I would like to know if there is anyone whose columns appear in The Eagle-Tribune who is more conservative. I do not think this commenter has read Taylor’s column very often. If he had, he would know otherwise.

Ballot watch

So taxpayers will have shelled out $25,000 in overtime by this weekend to have police watch over election ballots. Why not just move the ballots to the police station where there is a 24/7 presence? The answer is pretty obvious as there would be no overtime gravy train for Lawrence police. Once again, taxpayers must open their wallets to support public union greed.

Impeach him

I cannot believe Obama has not been impeached. The president is supposed to be for the people, yet this man is slowly hurting this country and the people living in it. He thinks he can do anything he wants. He does not care about the laws and the Constitution. This administration is all anti-American. Our forefathers are spinning in their graves. Please impeach him immediately before it is too late.

No surprise

Why is anyone surprised that the whole Obamacare fiasco just keeps getting worse and worse? When you have a president who prefers flying around on Air Force One or playing golf over work, and you have the B-Team under him in the White House getting an “A” in incompetence instead of hiring able-minded people, is it any wonder that the whole idea is sliding into the sewer? It’s been known for years that management will never hire anyone who is smarter than they are because they are afraid of losing their jobs. What a classic example of that premise is now being shown to the American people!

More lies?

I’m very confused. First, Obama said that if you like your insurance, you can keep it. Period. Then, when people began losing their insurance, Obama said it didn’t matter, because they were just junk policies sold by bad-apple companies. Now, he says that if you like your “junk” insurance, you can keep it for another year! Help me, Obama-bots -- was he lying then, or is he lying now?

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