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August 22, 2013

Sound Off

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — Registry

I was at the Registry the other day to register my motorcycle with veteran plates. After waiting an hour I was told I needed a DD-214 form. I asked if they could look in the computer as my truck has veteran plates. She said no, which was OK. But I also have a license with veteran status on it, which I had to produce a DD-214 form to get. She again said no. I had to go home and get the form, come back and wait in line another hour. There has to be a better way. My time is worth something. I work, too.


Remember the word “costing”? It used to be that industry determined what it cost to produce something; then a comfortable profit was added to determine the selling price. Now the word is “greed.” If it’s a necessity, the industry is guilty of price gouging for maximum profit. The gas to get you to work, the products to clean you, your home and your clothes, the formula, food and diapers for your baby, the medicine to keep you healthy are all examples of price gouging. I could name numerous other areas in which greed affects our lives. I bet you could, too!

Casino vote

Thank you, Tewksbury! I was very delighted by the vote to do away with the casino idea.

No protests

Hey Obama, Jay-Z, Beyonce, Al Sharpton and all you other people so angered by the Trayvon Martin case. Why aren’t you all over the news expressing your horror over the senseless shooting of the Australian baseball player. Where are all the protesters in the street crying racism? Why isn’t this the top story on the news and a front-page newspaper story? Where’s the outrage over this man’s senseless murder?

Athlete murdered

The recent murder of Chris Lane, a white athlete from Australia, by three young black thugs in Duncan, Okla., receives no outrage from Obama, Eric Holder, Rev. Al Sharpton and Rev. Jesse Jackson. I wonder why? This young athlete Chris Lane was simply out jogging during the day to stay in shape for his hope of a professional baseball career. But with the shooting of Trayvon Martin, it was so different. Obama, Holder, Rev. Sharpton, Rev. Jackson and the liberal media couldn’t say enough and desperately hoped to convince the people Trayvon Martin’s death was racial bias as to incite violence and unrest.


New statistics show that Massachusetts welfare recipients are now receiving benefits equivalent to $24 per hour. I have worked over 30 years and make $16 per hour. My son, who graduated from college two years ago, is making $11 per hour, part time. My husband, after losing his job of 34 years, was lucky to find a job after a year of unemployment making $12 per hour. Where is the media? Where is the outrage?


I have read some negative comments about Methuen Councilor Jennifer Kannan. But I know her as a very helpful and concerned person who has helped me and my neighbors when we needed help. She returned my call almost immediately and came to my home for a face-to-face meeting. She explained the ordinances and acted swiftly to resolve our problem then followed up with us. I feel she would make an excellent mayor because of her timely actions, her love of the city and her genuine concern for Methuen’s residents.