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August 30, 2013

Sound Off

Slow down

Speeding has become an issue in Haverhill. The chief has promised to have shift commanders have officers check areas but not one officer has been seen monitoring traffic. A motorcycle just sped past my house and judging by the sound he was not going the speed limit of 30 mph. I have been nearly hit crossing the street to my car more than once as cars slow down quickly to avoid hitting me. Children play basketball up the street and I have seen them run out of the way of speeding cars.

Obama’s reaction

Again I ask where is the outrage? An 88-year-old Spokane man was beaten to death by two black teens. Why is this not all over the news? Why has Obama not acknowledged this? He was pretty quick to speak out when Henry Louis Gates was arrested when the cops thought he was breaking into his house. Remember the beer summit? He put his nose into the Trayvon Martin case and announced his horror to the world.

Hearing nothing

It amazes me how much the Obama administration plays the race card to further its own political gains. He played up the Trayvon Martin case for all it was worth, trying to incite racial division in this country, interjecting his own personal opinions into a case that had absolutely nothing to do with race. Now we have a young, white Australian man visiting the United States on a baseball scholarship, murdered in cold blood by three black thugs because they were “bored.” What do we hear from our dear leader? Crickets.

Hope and change

So let me understand: If the president in office before you did something wrong it is OK for you to do the same or more that is wrong, and then your successor also has the right to do the same. Whatever happened to hope and change and transparency. What has happened to being held accountable for your actions with this presidency. Bush certainly was!

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