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August 31, 2013

Sound Off

Doesn’t add up

What is going on in the Plaistow Police Department? In 2011, plus one administrator, minus four police officers. In 2013, minus one recruit, now possibly minus one officer and one dispatcher. The pluses and the minuses don’t seem to be adding up.


Why does the government photocopy 100 percent of your mail front and back at the Post Office, suck up every digital bit of the Internet, including all your credit card swipes, and store all of it in a new multi-billion-dollar data center in Utah? But they can’t catch any terrorist openly googling pressure cooker bombs and flying back and forth from terrorist hot spots. All this is un-American if not outright illegal.

Clean up

If your yard is an eyesore to others who live in the neighborhood, then it is time to clean it up. It may not look bad to you but it is like a junk yard with ladders, broken metal objects, old tools, cans, debris, wood, tarps, and all sorts of equipment and other junk scattered about or all piled up and visible to every who turns into or out of the street. It isn’t respectful to the rest of the home owners who work at keeping their yards clean and neat as best they can.


It’s so nice when Lawrence completely mows and trims the reservoir greenery. It’s really nice when the grass clippings are directed away from the much used walkway. We don’t need more seed beds for weeds! Keep up the good work, DPW and Water Department.


A recent Sound off comment made a comparison of the Bush administration’s WMDs in Iraq to the death of four Americans in Benghazi. The tragic deaths of the ambassador and the three other Americans were directly caused by someone in the Obama administration giving a stand-down order and later blaming the entire incident as some random act based on some YouTube video. If there were no WMDs in Iraq prior to Bush’s invasion then where did Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad get the poison gas to use on his civilian population?

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