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September 4, 2013

Sound Off

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — Playing politics

Our fearless leader is once again playing politics, only this time a third world war is at stake. If he can get everybody talking about Syria, the heat is off him about all the scandals that surround him. He has done nothing to deal with any of these scandals — that means he agrees with what these rogue civil servants who are paid by the taxpayers are doing. No one has been fired and, indeed, they are all on paid vacations that can last for years while he “looks into” the problem. Not the A-team, folks!

Drug victims

There is no such thing as “someone who would die of a drug overdose.” That mentality is one of the issues regarding drug use, addiction, and its treatment. It is stigmatized, so much so that it becomes an ailment people cannot possibly associate with those who show promise or are identified as “bright.” It can happen to those who excel in academia, sports, the arts — no one is immune, no matter their grades, race, age, or their socioeconomic status. This tragedy is something we can all learn from — drug overdose and drug addiction does not cherry pick its victims.


Look at that! Michael McLaughlin is indicted again! Where are all those Sound Off writers who clamored to support him? Feel pretty silly now?


What did President Obama think was going to happen? He has spent the last five years letting his arrogance drive everything he has done. Did he think that now, when he needs Congress and the rest of the world to back him up, that they would fight to get first in line? He is reaping what he has sown and, after being a community organizer for years, he has become totally ineffective because he has sent out the aura of knowing more than anyone else and being absolutely right.

Fast-food wages

Did you read where the fast-food workers went on strike for one day? Good for them. It is about time the public wised up to the fact that these huge companies have gotten even bigger on the backs of low-wage workers. I lived through the Great Depression and I hope the workers get what they want. If the company claims it will put them out of business, so be it.

No rest

I cannot wait for winter! Living in suburbia consists of being surrounded daily by lawn mowers, hedge trimmers, hammers and power saws — and we don’t even get me going on the screeching of children. They don’t laugh anymore. Winter will grant my head a rest from power tools and happy yard campers. Unless it brings a blanket of snow — and there they come with the snowblowers!


The Methuen City Council has been an embarrassment to the people of Methuen. They can’t seem to rein in a budget. We have no solicitor. Unions run roughshod. And now their shortsightedness in cutting a health director has caused us to lose major grant money. Add to that the grant money that the police chief caused us to lose and the half-million dollars we spend to clear snow from school roofs — can they all be any more incompetent?