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September 5, 2013

Sound Off

Syria war

Once again, President Obama has shown his true colors. He’s the one who “drew the line in the sand” over Syria’s civil war. Now he’s trying to pass the buck over to Congress to make them the bad guys who will get us into a war we have no business even thinking about entering. No wonder the rest of the world closed their doors and windows when they saw Obama coming. They know how good he is at voting “present”, instead of standing up to be counted over anything and everything. Wouldn’t it have been great if Americans had been so wise? Obama painted himself into this corner. Now let him take the consequences of his arrogance for once.


I’m very confused by the article about Methuen City Councilor Sean Fountain standing by his position to cut the health director. In one breath he said it wasn’t a job performance situation and in the next he says Brian LaGrasse was always working on the grant and not doing his job. So what is it?


What’s Hector Longo smoking these days? I can’t believe he picked the Giants to win the Super Bowl stating one of the reasons being that “their division stinks.” If that’s the case Hector, why aren’t you picking the Patriots? You yourself stated that “the division is disgustingly bad.”

Here we go

Everybody ready for World War III? We can thank our wise and fearless president for shooting off his mouth and, once again, expecting the American taxpayer to clean up his mess. Is anyone asking “why now”? There have been several gas attacks on Syrian people before now and the American government did nothing. Could it be that there is another scandal about to hit the airwaves and he’s trying to save himself once again? Is this another “wag the dog” scenario? All the players in the Middle East are now in position and in play, so here we go again, folks! Get ready for the ride of a lifetime because the ineptitude in Washington has never, ever reached these levels.

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