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September 5, 2013

Letter: Experts agree state should take Medicaid funds

To the editor:

The New Hampshire Legislative Commission for studying whether or not to accept expanded Medicaid funding in New Hampshire held a hearing on Aug. 27.

It was riveting. The stakes are $2.5 billion in Medicaid funding.

Seven representatives from organizations like the New Hampshire Hospital Association, the Nurse Practitioner Association, the State Primary Care Association and Anthem Blue Cross spoke. Speakers were subject matter experts on the front lines. All of them supported accepting the Medicaid funding using words like “unequivocal support,” “strongly support,” “economic imperative,” and “extraordinary opportunity.”

The presentations were driven by facts, figures and real life examples. They were riveting, compelling, and expressed the reality of the need.

Our health-care professionals in New Hampshire support accepting expanding Medicaid and cared enough to come before the commission and publicly state their organization’s support.

Subsequent to the formal agenda, individuals could request a two-minute spot to tell their story. The compelling statements of support continued.

It is difficult to understand how, when there is overwhelming support among New Hampshire’s health-care professionals, the most knowledgeable and directly involved people in the state, our state legislators still keep doubting. Who are these folks on the commission to disagree with subject matter experts, professionals from all over the state?

The obvious answer is that their motivation is politically driven. If they cared about the people of New Hampshire instead of political ideologies, the direction might be entirely different.

New Hampshire needs to accept the expanded Medicaid funding. We need to embrace the new health-care plan and move into the future.

Dee Lewis


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