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September 10, 2013

Letter: Get ready for a big tax hit from Obamacare

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — To the editor:

The U. S. Supreme Court has now ruled that a penalty in the Obamacare federal health program that will fall on those who fail to comply is unconstitutional. However, they then turned around and said it was constitutional by a vote of 5-4 to be taxed for non-compliance with this imposed law. The American people are overwhelming against this outcome ruling and loss of individual freedom of choice.

This particular tax penalty will hit hard on millions of individuals. The penalty in 2014 is $2,050 for a family and $685 for an individual. This will be collected by the IRS on tax returns from refunds and other means and methods reported by hospitals reporting lack of insurance to the government.

In addition, this plan reaches into the pocket of every American to support Obamacare. Another 20 taxes will be imposed and middle-class workers with incomes below $125,000 will feel the burden of complying with this law to support the tax needed by the government, the health insurance industry fees, and Medicare benefit cuts and increased plan deductibles and benefit exclusions. President Obama, on national television in 2009 being interviewed by the liberal press stated about Obamacare that this is not a tax!. He also said you can keep your own doctor and that there will be a lot of competitive insurance company exchanges which will help keep down costs.

Of course, we all now know this will be untrue in many cases. As the full weight of the law takes effect it is estimated that 29 million people — about one-tenth of the population — will remain without any coverage. These would be illegal immigrants, people and businesses who do not sign up and choose the tax penalty instead, plus the people who cannot afford coverage, even with subsidies.

Personally, I would like to see everyone have access to health insurance regardless of health condition, with many choices of exchanges, even across state boundary lines for coverage, this could lower the costs over the long run.

Unfortunately, the uninsured figure could be higher depending on the states’ refusal of Medicaid expansion. Limited hospital choices will be available due to limited choice of insurance carriers within territory. In New Hampshire, just one carrier signed — Anthem Blue Cross. This will cause extreme inconvenience to those that must travel great distances for treatment. Regardless, these persons will not be turned down for health care when needed, costing most states multimillions of dollars because of the lack of choice. This controlled, socialistic, experimental, big government program is one big taxing reason to be concerned for all Americans.

Ed Brooks