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September 12, 2013

Sound Off

Save the money

So I was thinking this morning how the president wants to attack Syria. Everyone is complaining about Obamacare. Why doesn’t the president take the money he was going to use on another “war” and use it for free health insurance for our legal Americans? Make sure everyone has health insurance and it’s free! If you are made to have health insurance it should be paid for by the government that wants you to have it! Our people’s health is more important than saving Syria. If we are attacked again, by all means let’s attack them.


In most of our president’s appearances he will say, “Since I am the commander-in-chief.” I assume he loves this title because he refers to it among the many words he puts into sentences. I do not remember our past presidents using this title of position within their speeches. Well, I am the commander-in-chief in my home and it’s an overrated title.

Stay out

I voted for Obama but most of the world and his own people here want him to stay out of Syria. I hope he will keep out of this mess. There has been too many already. As a very senior citizen I have been there and seen it all. I have said in a Sound Off before Obama got in office the president’s biggest problem by far is to put this vast population to work. What we need are jobs. If we don’t get a strong third party in there soon to stop this tug of war between the liberals and conservatives, we are not going anywhere except backward.

A deal?

Remember the incident when Obama and Putin were unaware of the microphone still being open and Obama made a remark to Putin about when he is re-elected? What kind of deal was being made at that meeting? Is this Syria thing the start of something bigger? Now that Putin has put his two cents in I’ll bet Obama take credit. He is one crafty individual isn’t he? Watch carefully for things to come!

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