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September 14, 2013

Sound Off

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — Shut up, already

To my neighbor, whose wife is always yelling about having some peace and quiet: Please, mister, get out of her way. I’m sick of hearing it!

What bashing?

In response to “Obama bashing”: I think I must have missed a few articles in Sound Off because I see a lot of Republican bashing and Bush bashing but not Obama bashing, only comments on what he has not done that he has promised and the possible fraudulent acts of the Obama administration currently under investigation. By the way, the market has NOT hit new highs; in fact, it is pretty shaky and may soon fall to a new low.

GOP pride

I noted the mention of all the Republicans that ran for office and lost. I guess that means they could never have done a good job because of their party affiliation, not their ability, and I guess all the Democrats currently in office are doing a great job. Hmm. So much for past presidents like Ronald Regan and Abraham Lincoln.

For real?

Some people when writing a letter tend to exaggerate to get their point across. I read a letter in the paper today complaining about bike riders seen texting while riding. I had to laugh at the one; that is quite a feat to accomplish.

Oh, deer

OK, so you have a fire lieutenant telling a conservation commissioner in Andover that there is an overpopulation of deer in town. You convince the residents that they are at risk of Lyme disease and that invasive plant life is putting their conservation land at risk. Next you get 90 hunters from a lottery and local firemen. Hunt hundreds of acres of land, tell them to shoot anything that is brown. And the best you can do is 32 deer a year? Great planning.

Bust ‘em

Come on, Methuen police, please continue your watching of the drug users. Lots more activity lately. We have small children here.

War criminals

It has been one year that horrible massacre occurred in Benghazi that claimed the lives of four of our bravest patriots, and still no answers from Obama and Hillary Clinton. Why? Obviously these two are engaged in a massive coverup, and we should resent being played for fools. We as Americans should be outraged with these two criminals. I say criminals because they allowed the terrorists in Benghazi to kill these patriots by refusing to send help.

Blood sacrifice

What I’m hearing out of Obama is that he intends to kill, maim and cripple a few thousand more GI’s in Syria to appease his bruised ego. These things always start as an air bombardment, then there is always mission creep. When he says “no boots on the ground,” he’s lying through his teeth.

Plundering Dems

You won’t see this in the liberal media. Sixteen Democrats, all with ties to Obama have been charged with embezzling $16 million from federal grant money meant to help AIDS victims and the poor. I guess you can make good money being a community organizer. Just imagine the plundering by Democrats that’s going to happen to health care when Obamacare is fully implemented.