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September 15, 2013

Your view: Letters to the editor

NFL should join fight against prostate cancer

To the editor:

Does anyone realize that this month is prostate cancer awareness month? Yeah, I know you haven’t heard one thing mentioned have you? Well I can tell you why. Men don’t want to speak up and talk about this disease, not even with other men. In their minds, it’s just not the manly thing to do. If they have symptoms, well they’ll be ignored until it’s absolutely necessary to seek treatment. If men do seek treatment it’s just “get it out” and get on with their lives, the less said the better.

That said, the one thing that truly bothers me and the one place that could really help raise awareness in men yet does nothing is the National Football League. Next month, for the entire month of October, this money making machine will have every player draped in pink for breast cancer awareness. Why is this? A truly macho man’s sport dominated by men who play the game and a mostly male viewership does absolutely nothing to support a truly devastating men’s disease.

Is breast cancer more lucrative for them? I can’t say but one thing I do know is that the NFL is all about making money and it truly disgusts me that they give no mention at all this month to prostate cancer. I have written to NFL headquarters explaining to them of their injustice to men but never received a response and I don’t expect to.

As my own small protest — and I love football — they will not have my viewership for a month. Boy, can you imagine if every man did this? It wouldn’t long before every player in the NFL would be wearing blue for the entire month of September. I’m proud of the way women have stepped up to their disease and only wish men had the same awareness. I know no man is going to stop watching football for an entire month — they’d go crazy — but the least they can do is send an email or letter to NFL headquarters explaining disappointment in their lack of support and maybe even sneak in a threat of boycott. You never know guys, you could be helping yourself someday.

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