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April 27, 2013

Sound Off

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — Nice work

I don’t live in Lawrence but I feel so sorry for the police and fire departments. It’s obvious that Chief Romero must be tearing his hair out with budget cuts looming and not enough staff to cover a city already laden with crime. Mayor Lantigua continues to pay non-working, indicted criminals full pay while they are awaiting trial. Nice work if you can get it I suppose.

No excuses

I really hope and pray that this second bomber spends the rest of his life in jail. I pray that he never gets out and becomes a college professor like Bill Ayers who happens to be a close friend of this president. For those who do not know about Bill Ayers, look him up and see all the damage he and others did. There are those on the left who are making this bomber out to be a misguided boy, never in trouble, active in sports, smokes a little weed. Just an ordinary boy. Well, my answer to them is. This is not a boy. The 8-year-old who died because of what this man did was a boy, a child. This man and his brother were evil walking amongst us. I’m sick of those on the left making up excuses for these animals.

Loss of pride

When our ancestors came to America before Franklin Roosevelt, they got jobs to pay for their food and housing. They kept their own families in clothes, paid for their schooling, and, in general, took care of themselves. There was none of this EBT card stuff, and no subsidized housing. Of course, it wasn’t easy but they knew it would it wouldn’t be when they left their families and roots. When you take that pride away from them by giving them their basics, rarely do they feel gratitude. It comes down to making your own way by the work you do, not by the work someone else does. We are not doing anyone a favor by taking away their work ethic and pride. We need to wise up and set some limits here. That includes free lawyers, health-care costs, food, housing, phones, and the extras that come with EBT card abuse.


So Deval Patrick, you promote giving non-U.S. citizens welfare, subsidized housing and college tuition while they work out in gyms and plot to bomb and kill our citizens. Democrats should think long and hard about immigration and how they spend taxpayers’ money on these illegals. It’s time to enforce the laws we have to protect U.S. citizens.

Not animals

I wish that some of the media personnel would stop referring to the two bombing brothers as “animals.” Animals are a lot better than some people, in my opinion. They take care of their offspring, give us so much love and do not commit senseless acts of violence. I know that some people will disagree and, yes, there have been a few dog attacks in the news. Personally, I don’t think that pit bulls, for instance, are bad dogs. I really blame the owners for not training them properly or giving them the love they deserve.