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May 3, 2013

Column: Boston was another target in global jihad

The Boston Marathon bombing was not a tragedy.

The Boston Marathon bombing was another act of war perpetrated against the United States by Islamic jihadists.

Two barbarians transformed the finish line of a marathon into a battlefield that should be henceforth recognized and revered as are the grounds of Lexington and Concord on every Patriots Day. Medical personnel and others described the injuries as like combat injuries. But they were combat injuries. As such, the dead, wounded, and maimed are casualties of war and it would be fitting and proper to award Purple Hearts, Bronze Stars, or the highest of civilian honors to them all.

There will be and already has been the predictable handwringing and moral equivalency from the predictable quarters concerning the perpetrators of this battle. The American Civil Liberties Union is already concerned that the surviving murderer was not “Mirandized.” Many in the neutered media openly and fervently hoped that the perpetrator was a white male, preferably a tea partyer with a mesh NRA cap on his head and a hayseed between his teeth. How much easier it has become to demonize one’s countrymen than the true face of evil.

The fact — or what was once referred to as fact — that the atrocity in Boston was the latest in over 20,000 violent acts committed in the name of jihad in every corner of the planet since Sept. 11, 2001, will not be and must not be mentioned in our polite, oversensitive society. To do so is to invite accusations of thought crime or the dastardly moniker of “phobic.” Attempts will be made to rationalize the mounting evidence that the killers in this instance were devoted to jihad, and discount the fact that the use of violence against anyone perceived to threaten or offend Islam is not only theologically permitted, but demanded.

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