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May 11, 2013

Sound Off

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — God help US

Hillary Clinton, Barrack Obama and Susan Rice should be brought up on charges of dereliction of duties regarding the deaths of the four patriots in Benghazi. It is now very evident after the testimony from these brave whistleblowers that Clinton lied under oath and Obama is continuing to lie and deceive the American people. Gregory Hicks, one of the whistleblowers and a proven man of integrity, was demoted because he wouldn’t go along with the Clinton, Obama and Rice lies. America is being led by a regime of lies, corruption, fraud and deception. God help America.

Mitt Ayotte?

Kelly Ayotte’s response to the backlash on her vote has now branded her as a true Republican: Ignorant, arrogant and totally out of touch with reality and her constituents. Can anyone say Mitt? She was in similar inept form as an attorney general. She needs to be removed ASAP. Republicans can keep their carpetbagger, Scott Brown, to themselves as well.

Dot, dot, dot ...

Fort Hood massacre, no trial even after four years. Underwear Bomber, Fast and Furious swept under the rug. Benghazi massacre, no protection for our ambassador and staff. Two billion dollars, tanks, fighter jets and tear gas for the Muslim brotherhood in Egypt. Boston Marathon bombers, financed by taxpayers. Attempting to disarm law-abiding citizens. Are there any other American citizens out there connecting the dots?

Thank you, doc

I just wanted to commend the Tribune for the article on Dr. Han-Ting Lin. She runs a first class facility at Holy Family that can compare to any facility in Boston. I thank the doctors and nurses — Joan, Ron, Jim — and the many volunteers who make for a comfortable environment. I also want to thank Dr. Ankur Mehta. He has been a lifesaver. Many thanks to Dr. Lin for the staff she has.

Low morals

How much longer will we continue to deny that our young women are sexually active? Have our morals gotten so low that we, as parents, accept this and this has become a way of life? Statistics will prove that a large portion, even a majority, of these young women that become pregnant are the future recipients of the welfare system.

He needs help

Cameron Dambrosio is either a person who has a habit of making stupid remarks or a person in great need of emotional help, considering his comments he was going to do something greater than the Marathon bombings. He needs to be put in an institution where he can receive help. He is not only a danger to himself but also to all of us. We cannot have people like him moving freely throughout the country.

Historic Rock?

The Republicans know full well why they were voted into office. Are they going to come up with another solution for the eyesore that presently is Rockingham Park? Perhaps they can make it a historical site and stop all future projects in that area.