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May 16, 2013

Sound Off

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — He knows nothing

We now have the self-admitted most incompetent president since Carter. President Obama has claimed he had no knowledge of Benghazi being a terrorist attack, the IRS targeting his opponents and giving the information to liberal groups, Fast and Furious, Solyndra, His DOJ tapping AP reporters’ phones. How is it possible for the POTUS to continually know nothing about anything until the story breaks?

Big and bad

Is everyone watching carefully the corruption that is being uncovered in Washington? This administration is so steeped in wrongdoing that it doesn’t even know anymore that there are lines to be drawn if a moral society is to be handed to our children. From the Fast and Furious scandal, through all the many, many leaks, through the IRS targeting individuals who do not agree with the White House spiel, the list just keeps expanding and getting worse. We do not even know yet what other corruption is waiting just around the corner. This is what happens when government becomes so huge that there is no one who can begin to control the corruption and power grabs.

Dissenting opinion

I’m tired of hearing some residents of Salem, N.H., speaking for all of us, insisting that we overwhelmingly want a casino, based upon a nonbinding referendum vote. For the record, that vote has absolutely zero validity. I’m willing to bet the farm that if there were a nonbinding referendum on the next ballot asking the voters to approve a 20 percent reduction in property taxes without reducing any town services, that would also get at least an 80 percent yes vote. Please don’t speak for all of us, as some of us do NOT want a casino in town!

Masters of deception

President Obama and his administration now are involved in several outrageous and unbelievable scandals. Obama makes Nixon look like an altar boy. Obama has deceived and outright lied to the American people. Obama and Holder need to resign, and Hillary Clinton should give up her quest to become president. Our great country deserves much better than these masters of deception and fraud. They have undeniably betrayed the American people. How’s all that hope and change Obama promised us and all that transparency? Never happened, did it?

Mail call

That Sound Off item was right. Two mail deliveries a day was not necessary, but the carriers did cover the whole city and on foot. The postal department does deliver good service and at a great price. But this great price is the reason it is always in financial trouble. There are those on the right side who say it should be privatized. That would be a disaster. Everything would go sky high to make a profit and, believe me, the work would not be done as well. I have seen it happen before.

D.C. Gestapo

Is what is going on in Washington an indication of “change we can believe in” and “an open government”? Looks more to me like it’s Gestapo tactics. Those folks who are running things seem to think the Constitution is just a speed bump. Who would have thought that the IRS scandal, the Benghazi coverup and subsequent lies, and now illegal garnering of reporters’ phone records could happen in the United States of America? Is anybody watching the store? Will anybody go to jail?

Bad deal

Face it, Salem residents, we are being sold a bill of goods with this new casino. One percent of revenue is not going to lower taxes. It won’t be worth all the extra services needed. Something is rotten in Denmark! We have to let the Advisory Committee know how we feel.