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May 18, 2013

Sound Off

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — Grazie mille!

Three cheers and high fives to the Methuen Police Department for their sponsorship of the pasta and meatball dinner at the Senior Center. The food was hot, tasty, plentiful and served by Methuen’s Finest with courteous, smiling, happy faces. The officers were quick and efficient in setting up additional tables and chairs as needed. Thanks to the department, this pleasant event was enjoyed by many. Dessert was yummy too!

Lawrence blockade

This whole Lawrence cab issue is ridiculous. It just adds to the notion of how corrupt the city is. Here is a city that can’t even support itself and depends on state taxpayers to live. If Lawrence can make such a law, banning all other cabs from going into Lawrence, then I propose that Andover, Methuen and other towns in the area stop allowing any Lawrence cabs into any town outside of the Lawrence borders. I work outside of Lawrence, but many of our employees live in Lawrence, and use cabs daily. I will personally find them an alternative to calling a Lawrence cab

Keeping score

What’s with Salem state Rep. Marilinda Garcia voting against her constituents? Now she says the bill is “flawed,” but she voted against letting the corrective amendments come to the floor by voting it “inexpedient to legislate.” This week her excuse is the bill’s flaws; last week it was a “moral issue,” and before that it was about gambling addiction. It looks like she’ll grab any log in a flood. How moral is it to deny the taxpayers of Salem up to $13 million each year in tax relief? Homeowners and job-producing businesses are losing their properties to skyrocketing taxes. She needs to look up the word “representative” and support the people who put her in Concord. I hope that the four anti votes, Reps. Sytek, Bick and the Garcia sisters, get off their high horses by next week’s vote and work to improve the bill to overcome their transparent concerns. We’ll remember next time.

Iceberg ahead!

Salem leaders broke their necks to appoint a committee to look at how to spend the gold from casino mines yet to be dug. Pretty clear the agenda before the state votes is limited to promoting the payoff promises. Meantime, the pro-track forces are promising bigger, better, more, to the tune of 4 million to 6 million additional visitors to Salem each year. When will the committee and town leaders, whose vision is blinded by dollar signs, get around to the real issues, like how to manage 4 million to 6 million people on Salem’s limited water supply, decrepit water and sewer infrastructure and crowded and cratered roads? These issues are just the tip of the iceberg if we’re talking about a facility of this magnitude. These alone are going to cost Salem plenty, even as the state is saying the local take should be cut by two-thirds!