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May 22, 2013

Sound Off

Obama the uniter

Thank you, President Obama, for finally undoing the divisions you have caused among the American people over the last five years. You have alienated anyone who has someone in service to our country by not having the back of the folks in Benghazi, and now we have four dead there and more lies than you can count. You have alienated anyone who has a cell phone by confiscating the cell phone records of the AP. You have enraged anyone who pays taxes by not making sure those who worked at the IRS are non-partisan. You have spent our hard-earned money on failed car manufacturers and solar companies. You have allowed guns to be sold to drug cartels, ensuring there are dead everywhere along the border. In short, just about everybody in the country now has your number, and we are no longer divided. We are uniting against your incompetence and arrogance.

Self-serve cemetery

If you are going to Greenwood Cemetery in Haverhill, you need to bring three things: Your plants, your own water and your lawn mower.

Sides with IRS

The rules for 501 (c) 4’s allow tax exemptions for organizations engaged in social welfare programs of many varieties. But when the tea party, or any political entity, applies for a tax exemption, the IRS is only doing its job in ferreting out tax evaders. Tax evasion is more serious than selecting certain groups who are looking for a free ride.

2-1 for Ayotte

It’s a disgrace the way that these anti-gun zealots are attacking Kelly Ayotte. She has done nothing but uphold the Constitution, which is her duty as an elected official. Hang in there, senator, and remember that for every one of the people who opposes you, there are two who are with you and respect you.

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