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August 24, 2013

Sound Off

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — Inflation

I just read that people are starting to get well deserved raises. Now here is what is going to happen because it always has happened in the past: After they get their raises, prices will start to rise — food, clothes, rent. etc. Meanwhile, they will not get another raise for a few years. Therefore, they will be back where they started in the proverbial hole and the result of this is called inflation. This is what will make the middle class disappear and you can take that to the bank. When the day comes, and it must come, that prices rise, then the minimum wage must also rise at the same time and also unemployment insurance. When this happens it should put a stop to prices rising and end the stupid inflation that we have to face. The workers have been getting the short end of the stick for generations and it must stop.

Get them jobs

Does anyone know if those three kids who killed the jogger randomly out in Oklahoma had jobs, or were they part of Mr. Obama’s “entitlement” programs? They were “bored” they said. Perhaps having a job would give them a reason to get out of bed in the morning, thus removing the “boredom” factor from their lives. What does it take to get wisdom to the liberals who are destroying this country with these programs that destroy self worth? More of this kind of behavior?


That was an excellent letter by Mark Acciard. Because I am a political junkie, I have seen Obama’s acts unfold. Hopefully this letter will wake up some of those “die-hard” Obama supporters. With Harry Reid in the Senate, the odds of impeachment are slim to none. Unfortunately, we have this guy in the White House for another three years.

Too many lies

What good are Senate hearings when people can lie to senators with impunity. What good are laws when special people can break them without any consequence? What good is the Constitution when the people who swore an oath to uphold it, violate it? What good are campaign promises when they are mainly a pack of lies designed to get elected? Can someone answer these questions please.

Road work

Is the road destruction in Bradford really necessary people? It looks worse than London after the Blitz. It’s pretty sad when you can cross the entire city on foot faster than you can in a car. Give us a break.

Doing nothing

I was so happy the police in Methuen are observing an increase in graffiti. As a citizen in Methuen, I see the cruisers parked on side streets waiting to write traffic tickets. I see them speeding 80 to 90 mph to get to a call — some not even slowing at traffic signals. I understand some cases require a fast response, but it’s at the risk of law-abiding citizens. At least the fire and police do something while the retreads in City Hall sit down and do nothing about the destruction of our neighborhoods. I see trucks, motor vehicle repair shops, illegally parked vehicles on the street and front lawns. I can’t wait until they come around looking for votes.