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August 26, 2013

Letter: Rejecting Medicare funds may cost Republicans

To the editor:

During a recent panel discussion on New Hampshire Public Radio regarding the proposed expansion of Medicaid, Hillsborough Rep. Neal Kurk, a member of the Medicaid Expansion Study Commission, stood out for his thinly disguised contempt for the program.

Kurk framed expansion as an ideological question about the role of government that sounded painfully reminiscent of Mitt Romney’s famous “47 percent” remarks, implying that the poor should simply remedy their plight by taking “personal responsibility.”

He went on to explain that it was unfair to offer coverage that might have to be withdrawn if federal funding stopped. If businesses used such convoluted logic, they would only sell their products to customers who promised to keep buying them forever. Unlike Mr. Kurk, I think the eligible poor would gladly accept three years of coverage, even if they knew it could expire.

The Republican majority in the Senate may in the end be sufficient to thwart expansion. But starting with the likes of the dyspeptic Mr. Kurk, his party may pay a dear price in 2014 after voters discover they were willing to refuse $2.5 billion of federal money just to feed their endless obsession with destroying Obamacare.

Andrew Weir


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