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August 26, 2013

Sound Off

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — Too lenient

I just want to say that I agree 100 percent with the caller concerning the murder of the Australian baseball player. He or she hit the nail on the head. Also this country is too lenient on murderers. If you kill someone then you should pay with your life. If I lived in another country I would think twice about coming here. I can’t blame the Australian government for warning their citizens.


First to the veteran at the Registry. I sympathize with you. The clerk should have gave you a “no wait” slip so you didn’t have to wait when you went back. And having two to three “veteran” items with the Registry it’s ridiculous you had to go through that. My second comment is about the Australian athlete that was murdered. I totally agree. Where is the concern now? And for those three animals that killed him “for fun”, I hope they die soon!

Not this time

If Barack Obama had a son he would look just like the wannabe gangsta thug who shot Chris Lane in the back and killed him. Oh, wait a second, that doesn’t work this time. Never mind!

Illegal bikes

The past two weeks I have noticed three illegal bikes/scooters being driven on our roadways. They all had no visible sign of being registered. One was even shadowing a police cruiser making sure to stay behind it. This is just another illegal trend like red light and stop sign violators on our roadways due to a minimal police presence. So many people have lost their respect for traffic laws. Sadly, deceit prevails.


I’m continually reading about the tragedy of Benghazi and its cover-up. I guess those same writers must have been horrified when they learned of the Bush administration’s cover-up of WMDs, the loss of 3,500 American soldiers or the 134,000 wounded. However, they must feel some satisfaction with the glut of oil we are getting from Iraq’s oil fields.

Lost youth

Remember when parents could punish their children with a spanking and it wasn’t considered abuse? Remember when parents didn’t have to buy all these school supplies? Taxes are so much higher and we still have to buy school supplies. Remember when we used our brains, encyclopedias, and the library for school work? Now there are computer and tablets. Remember delinquents used to just steal? Now they sell drugs, beat people up, and kill people. What has happened to this country? What has happened to our youths? Why is there so much hate and violence? I blame parents, society, video games, and Hollywood! We need change!


Has anyone noticed how nicely traffic is moving again on Route 125 since the traffic light by the Bradford fire station is back to a blinking light? When these lights are “working” traffic backs up as far as Academy Plaza in the afternoon. Of course, Bradford Square is still a big mess. Maybe those lights should be disabled on a trial basis just to see what happens.


Jane Fonda is playing Nancy Reagan in “The Butler”? Excuse me while I barf!