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August 29, 2013

Sound Off

Syria attack

So Obama needs to send his two daughters to Syria if he wants to attack, right? Because that’s what the Left said about the Bush warmongering.

Could be cleaner

Haverhill is looking pretty darn good but there is excessive trash on the I-495 ramps. Sometimes you see the residents of the correctional facility cleaning up the trash. I’m sure they would like to get out and get some fresh air, especially on beautiful fall days. Haverhill gets a B- but could easily get an A.

No protests

When Bush was in office and we were involved in the Iraq war, Andover and other cities throughout the country had liberals protesting the war on street corners. All the liberal media — CNN and MSNBC — were condemning Bush on a daily if not on a hourly basis. But there’s not a peep about what Obama is doing — in fact they are in support. Where are all these protesters and liberal media’s outrage when Obama has us involved in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Egypt, and now a very high potential of war with Syria? So obviously now all these protesters are supportive and are in favor of the death and destruction when it is Obama doing the killing and maiming. That’s perfectly justified and acceptable to these protester hypocrites who now are in favor of war.

Driving with dogs

I totally understand no texting while driving but what about drivers who have dogs on their laps while driving? That is not safe and there should be a law against it. Either leave the dog at home or crate it in the car.


Unlike some uninformed former politicians, Mayor Menino has touted the casino deal as a positive and a money-maker for the city in terms of development and jobs. Cheers to you, Mayor. For those of you who think this is a bad idea, if you’re against casinos but for the lottery, then you’re hypocrites. This casino will provide more revenue to Boston than the lottery ever could. And I don’t see the lottery providing an extra $45 million to develop the area or provide jobs. Casinos are coming. Deal with it!

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