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September 3, 2013

Sound Off

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — No waiting

Bush spent 14 months getting Congress and UN approval for military action. But now I see the wasted effort. If he had, like Obama, just said I am convinced we need to go in there, the Democrats would have just said OK.

Clean highways

I drove to Manchester on I-93 recently from Salem to Manchester. There was no trash! There were at least 60 large, transparent bags bulging with trash on the shoulder. Nice job, New Hampshire! You get an A+. Massachusetts, you get a D-.

Impeach him

Some 91 percent of the American people now oppose a war with Syria. But Obama still forges ahead with plans to bomb Syria and without congressional approval, an impeachable offense. The president of the United States cannot unilaterally go to a war with a country that poses no imminent danger to us and has not bombed or threatened us according to constitutional law. Yet Obama forges ahead with his war plans. Now, Britain has listened to its people and have decided not to get involved. Obama just with this situation alone with Syria has two impeachable offenses that should be acted upon. The total impeachable offenses now stands at 14. Why is he still this great country’s president? It is time we the people aggressively pursue his impeachment.

Officer accused

It’s not fair that Andover police officer Evan Robitaille is still driving. His license should have been suspended in March. This allegedly was a hit and run while intoxicated. The officer who is investigating needs to be fired as well.

Clinton’s playbook

I hope Obama doesn’t take a page from the Clinton playbook: When you’re down in the polls, the scandals are catching up with you, and looking at impeachment, bomb something. This is what Clinton did. He bombed Iraq in 1998, delaying the impeachment vote. If Assad is guilty of using poison gas then wait until the end of the civil war and have the UN hold a war crimes tribunal.


The country that has killed innocent people with drones is upset about people being killed with chemical weapons. Are we suppose to pretend that this is acceptable?

School funds

The Salem School Board approved spending $3,300 from the school supply budget to help pay for transportation costs to send the Salem High Chorus to New York for a three-day music festival. Why should between 40 and 60 students benefit from dollars that were budgeted for all students? Why not make it an interest-free loan or better yet, a low-interest loan and have the chorus continue to have fundraising efforts throughout the year to pay for the loan? Isn’t it time for the students to understand there is no free lunch and that they have to take responsibility for their bills?


It amazes me how some will blame the Republicans for accusing the president of the “allegations” of Benghazi, IRS and the NSA, and other lesser issues. And then because we (I am a registered independent) the people of the United States want answers, it is because the president is black? I do not think the well has run dry on these issues. I think the current administration just will not acknowledge any wrongdoing.