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September 10, 2013

Sound Off

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — Prize winner

Boy, the folks at the Nobel Peace Prize sure do know how to pick them! Remember when they gave the prize to Mr. Obama, an untried community organizer? Looks to me like they’ve got themselves a dud!

Bond rating

Seems Mayor Zanni has forgotten he told the former mayor to dip into the reserves which has now cost Methuen a drop in the bond rating. Seems he also forgets it was the meals tax that Jennifer Kannan and the other councilors enacted — and he ran from — that has rebuilt those reserves. You can’t have it both ways, Steve. Revisionist history does not equal re-election.


Looks like President Obama isn’t content to bully just his fellow legislators in Washington and the citizens in this country. Now he wants to branch out, as all good liberals do, to bully the rest of the world by attacking Syria, a country whose civil war is their business, not ours. If we were in a civil war, would we want Russia or China to park warships off our coasts and threaten to lob missiles into our country? Last time I heard, when you go to war, you go to war to win, not to administer a spanking.


The hunters mentioned in a recent Sound Off comment are some of the most decent people I know from all walks of life. Stop and talk to one you will be pleasantly surprised. It still is nice to walk on those conservation lands referred to. At $20 each, no one is flinging arrows. Stands and cameras cannot be viewed all over the place from trails. What is being lost is the biodiversity of the forests from an overabundance of deer. The real fear while hiking is being attacked by an unleashed dog. Deer driving is lawful and is basically just someone walking through the woods without a weapon. Not an issue on these lands. I have never heard of a hunter laughing about a lost deer — that’s foolish. Hunters will be just as ethical this year as they have always been. I believe in a diverse society with an acceptance of all. There is enough room on these conservation lands for all to coexist hunters included.

Health director

If City Councilor Sean Fountain needed to contact the health director in Methuen so frequently, why exactly was he so dispensable? Mr. Fountain makes it seem like he needed him on a daily basis. It’s kind of concerning that they eliminated this position entirely. It seems a little strange he is still talking about this cut months later. Oh, that’s right, they just lost tons of grant money!

No answers

How in the world can the president accuse Congress of playing politics on the Syria vote on war, when he is the one whose politics started this whole mess? He doesn’t want us to remember that it’s been a year since Benghazi and there have been no answers as to where he was and what he was doing that night. This man and his minions have lied and lied to us, and now he wants us to believe him when he says it will be a short incursion. He has no way of knowing that and World War I started with less. I don’t see how anyone in Congress can trust what he has said and that means they all have to vote against paying for another war we can’t afford and we have no business being involved in.