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November 19, 2013

Sound Off

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — Party animals

The New York Times, in an article on Chris Christie’s win, called him the “elephant” in the room, a play on the GOP symbol. Have you ever heard them call Obama the “jackass” in the room?

Egghead policies

Isn’t it a riot to watch this administration shoot itself in the foot, then blame it on the Republicans, who didn’t vote for Obamacare? President Obama lets young, healthy people under the age of 25 stay on their parents’ health care programs, and these are the very folks he desperately needs to pay for his Obamacare redistribution of wealth. Maybe he figures they’re expendable because most of them don’t have jobs so they could not pay the premiums anyway. It doesn’t matter to him whether people are being squeezed into destitution because of his policies. Those egghead, erroneous policies come first and anybody who is in the way and doesn’t like it can go pound sand!


A month ago the president was calling Ted Cruz and the Republicans jihadists, terrorists, hostage takers, etc for demanding a one-year delay in the individual mandate. Now that his administration has so screwed up the rollout, he is illegally delaying the mandate. Too bad he has neither the honesty, nor integrity to apologize for his rhetoric.

The best man

Congrats to you, Dan Rivera! I was one of the many who voted for you, along with my family and about 50 of my friends and associates, whom I asked to take a good look at both men running. We did and you were the best man. I have but one request. Would you please get rid of those bogus signs posted all over the city touting “Lawrence: A City Moving Forward” with the loser’s name attached? I find them offensive and just wrong for him to use city property to get free advertising by attaching his name on each and every one of them.

Plaistow problems

Again, Plaistow police in the news. I don’t know how the chief can deny allegations when he is the biggest part of the problem. There is a problem of morale there, and it starts at the top with the chief, deputy and the town manager. When are the selectmen going to get the heads out of the sand and do something about the whole thing? How about a new chief who can work with the people instead of against them? Isn’t that what a chief is supposed to do instead of calling them names?

Mayor Taxes

What a coincidence that Haverhill’s taxes are set to jump after the election. Why wasn’t that mentioned before the election? Thank you to all who voted for Mr. Taxes. Well done.

More ignorance

The president said this last week: “On the website, I was not informed directly that the website would not be working the way it was supposed to.” Despite repeated warnings from HHS, IRS, CMS. Just add this ignorance to the list of things he was unaware of until the media reported them: Benghazi, Fast and Furious, IRS, EPA, NSA, AP, gun-running to Syria, the Muslim Brotherhood affiliation with al-Qaida. By his own admission, this is the most woefully uninformed president in history.