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August 3, 2013

Sound Off

Recycling rules

I sold some copper scrap from my sheet metal shop to a recycling company in Edgewater, Fla. A copy of my license was made and I was on “candid camera” all the while. My scrap was weighed, my picture was taken, a thumbprint was made and I was paid by check. Why can’t all dealers in scrap metal be forced to have this system?

Tax hikes

Isn’t it strange that these tax increase went into effect on Gov. Deval Patrick’s birthday? Maybe he wanted a birthday present from anyone who drives or smokes cigarettes. The question is: Who pays for his gas? Not him. It’s the taxpayers of the commonwealth.


What causes a person or persons to disrespect the dead? Every time I read about grave sights being vandalized, I shake my head and cry. A park bench that was dedicated to a young boy who died gets thrown into Round Pond. What is wrong with these animals? Just like all the tagging and graffiti. What gives you the right to vandalize or deface? Obviously you weren’t raised to be respectful or considerate. But I guess if you’re raised like an animal, you’ll act like an animal.

Business sense

Dave Potter made some interesting comments in Thursday’s letter that Republicans are failing to apply their business acumen to government. He makes good points but failed to mention that Democrats need to realize that in the business world those that don’t produce get fired! And businesses that don’t make a profit are eliminated. Maybe we need to apply that business acumen to government and its programs.

Domestic spying

Every day now it seems some new depravity from NSA comes to light. Today it’s the XKeyscore program, where the Feds read your emails in real time, millions of them a day. Enough already! The Patriot Act is unconstitutional, particularly section 215 that the NSA hides behind. The FISA court is a joke and also unconstitutional as well. I am sure court rulings will uphold some of this but to a real American all this is wrong and always will be illegal no matter what any kangaroo court or hack agency says. In the end, it makes us all less free, not more, and is as un-American as anything this country has ever done to the people of this once great republic.

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