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August 6, 2013

Sound Off

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — Trees damaged

In the area of 57 South Bowdoin Street, in Lawrence, there are several trees that are partially damaged or dying off, on the street facing side only. The road is covered with dead leaves, just like when it is autumn. Could it be possible that the chemicals and steam from the hot topping machines that paved South Bowdoin Street this past week caused harm to those trees?


I’m confused. People are outraged the NSA is invading our privacy. Yet people are demanding better protection and questioning the FBI’s lack of action watching the Tsarnaev brothers. Will someone please make up my mind?

Postal service

So it seems that the United States Postal Service is going down the tubes along with other historical foundations that established America. Are we ready to walk down the block to a large box of community shared mail? Maybe we could go back to the Pony Express to maintain mail delivery?

Tax supporters

To all of the people who are complaining about the rise in taxes on gas and cigarettes. The Eagle-Tribune always posts a list of how they voted on important issues. This means you, Linda Dean Campbell, Kathleen O’Connor Ives and all the others who voted to raise the tax. Vote them out!

Obama snubbed

So, Obama’s “friends” Russia and Venezuela snub him by offering Edward Snowden asylum. North Korea and Iran are openly dealing arms and oil. France and Germany snub him on the economic front. Even England ignores his wishes. Al-Qaida brazenly breaks out hundreds of prisoners in Iraq and the Taliban openly makes inroads back into Afghanistan. It looks like his foreign policy is as much of a debacle as his economic policy. But he has time to vacation again, three weeks after the last one.


Mrs. Bulger must be so proud of all of her sons! One is a serial killer, one has fed quite extravagantly and well at the public trough and is still doing so, and the third wouldn’t even have a job if his brother hadn’t been connected to the Massachusetts patronage system. She sure did a good job of raising three American citizens!

Lack of concern

It’s so nice to have a president who once again is playing golf this weekend while our embassies are shut down and on high alert in anticipation of another terror attack. Once again, Obama demonstrates his total lack of concern for our brave citizens. After all, it’s his birthday and of course it’s all about Obama. The four brave people in Benghazi who died due to his and Hillary Clinton’s incompetence won’t be able ever to have another birthday with their families. But what difference does that make? It’s no big deal for Obama and Hillary.

Loud motorcycles

Regarding the article where motorcycles are asked to throttle down in Salisbury center. If a motorcycle can be heard it is breaking Massachusetts state law (check the allowed decibel level). Are law-breakers being asked to break the law just a little in town. Should we ask bank robbers to only take a little money from the bank? What is wrong with this picture?