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August 13, 2013

Sound Off

EBT standards

My spouse and I are 70 years old. We have an EBT card in the total amount of $100 per month, which is $25 dollars a week. Our Social Security checks combined add up to $1,200 a month. Is this considered a great amount of money for two people? Although we are senior citizens, it was not made easy for us to obtain the EBT cards. There are procedures to follow and many times we said let’s forget about it. So we are confused when hearing the complaints through the news media on the abuse of EBT cards and wonder how it’s possible since the authorities were very thorough with us old folks.

No responsibility

So some think if priests were allowed to marry this priest would not have solicited a prostitute. This was the same argument about the pedophile priests molesting boys. Absurd! It speaks of their character. They knew the rules when they signed on. It’s the same old thing. There’s no responsibility for one’s own actions.

Obama’s critics

As is their wont, Fox News luminaries find countless ways to criticize Obama, not the least is criticism of the number of vacations he takes. Here are the facts on days of vacation per term: Reagan, 242; George H.W. Bush, 543; Clinton, 76; George W. Bush, 510; Obama’s first term, 131. If truth be told a president is never free from the pressures he faces whether in the White House or on vacation.


OK, I know the president needs to recharge his batteries and has a right to vacation like the rest of us. But, this guy seems to be either playing basketball or off somewhere on Air Force One and not in the White House where he’s supposed to be. The country is in sad shape and with the recent terrorist alert I feel like this is an inappropriate time for him to take another vacation.

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