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August 14, 2013

Sound Off

Act locally

I have watched many Sound Off comments complain about Mr. Obama lately and I for one totally agree. However, we have come to a point in time when we need to stop complaining about something we cannot change. He is a lame-duck president and knows all he has to do is nothing that will get him impeached and that gives him free rein to do whatever else he wants. Use the Sound Off line to comment about local issues, ones that maybe we can fix here, close to home.

Running away

I hope everybody is aware that our wonderful elected officials in Congress are now, on the sly, trying to get themselves and their staffs removed from Obamacare. They have insider information on the plan, and they are running from it as fast as their fat legs can carry them. That will, of course, once again leave the taxpayers holding the very expensive bag for their ineptitude and stupidity. Remind me again, please, why we keep sending these idiots back to Washington!

Andover and slots

It’s laughable Andover is saying they don’t want the slots in Tewksbury because people will be drinking all day and “turn right into their town.” Isn’t Andover the town that wanted to have Breathalyzers at school dances because the drinking was so bad at school functions? Maybe it’s about time the police in Andover start addressing the drinking in their own town first. Oh wait, they can’t because if they arrest people on a nightly basis the property values would go down.


Why does everyone assume that people are collecting welfare or disability? Just because people are sitting in the square, park, or outside their homes, that doesn’t mean they are collecting from some type of government program. Maybe some of these people can’t find a job or just can’t get hired due to lack of experience. People sit outside their homes because they don’t have air conditioning or to just enjoy the fresh air. There are people who really need disability, welfare, and food stamps! Stop being so judgmental! We all worry where our tax dollars go. Mostly to overpaid government workers is my opinion.

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