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August 16, 2013

Letter: Gun owners shouldn’t be shy about Second Amendment

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — To the editor:

The other day I took a ride up to my favorite gun shop. It’s kind of a long drive for me now but I enjoy going once in a while. I picked up some smokeless powder and three 100-count boxes of cast lead bullets that I had ordered about three months ago. They are premium cast bullets but are still a lot cheaper than copper jacketed and are very accurate for target shooting in my relatively low-velocity 19th century, lever-action hunting carbines.

The store personnel were very busy selling new guns. In fact, there were lines of gun buyers, on a Friday afternoon to boot, and I was glad that I didn’t drive up on Saturday like I had originally planned. I waited for a half-hour or so for my order but I didn’t mind.

As I headed back to my old Chevy at the very end of a full parking lot, I couldn’t help but notice the almost complete lack of emblems supporting the Second Amendment. But I see this all over the place because it seems to me that very few gun owners openly support their supposed reverence for the Second Amendment.

Buying millions of guns out of fear of losing the right to keep and bear arms is not going to stop any further infringement. Freedom is lost when good people do not stand together and keep informed.

When the wolves get into the hen house they are going to eat the chickens — and that’s the bottom line.

Charlie Faro

North Andover