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November 14, 2013

Sound Off

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — Not socialist

Still more Sound Offs saying we are on our way to socialism. Folks, take your heads out of the sand and look around you. We are being smothered with over 300 million people. Those are not socialism numbers. Our manufacturing has gone overseas; we have millions out of work. If we are not careful, we are heading in another direction and it is not socialism. Do you comprehend?

Fix them

Five dilapidated dumps still standing (in Haverhill) and the mayor can not move forward without the City Council approval. There are people who care about our city and those who don’t. Property owners cannot have multiple chances to rehabilitate their properties. Do what the rest of us do or pay the consequences and please move somewhere else.

Bush lied

It’s baffling as to how, and for that matter why, some of the resident right-wing extremists are still -- over a decade later -- asking for “proof” that Bush blatantly lied to get us into the war in Iraq. Those of us who marched in the Boston and New York demonstrations against the war in 2003 were smart enough and creative enough to know exactly where to find the evidence back then. Is it because they’re too lazy? Is it that they just don’t want to face reality? Or is it perhaps that, despite spending days on end reading right-wing claptrap and blogs filled with hate speech and lies, that they’re just not as media savvy as they claim to be? My suggestion to these layabouts is to try shutting off Fox News and Limbaugh for a spell, and learn how to more effectively use the marvelous tool that is the Internet. Enrich yourselves for once, and stop asking others to do your work for you.

What a guy

I wonder if President Obama and his family will be losing their health insurance like the millions of Americans he set up to lose theirs. Oh, wait, of course not! He has the government plan that the legislators wrote for themselves -- gold plated and totally inclusive of everything we poor, hard-working stiffs can’t afford. What a guy!

Vietnam history

I agree we had minor involvement in Vietnam for years before it became a U.S. war. I had friends who were there “training” the South Vietnamese troops. But it became a U.S. war only when Lyndon Johnson directed bombing and ordered the Marines to enter the conflict. And yes, although Nixon began the process to end the war, it may have concluded after his resignation. My apologies.

Even earlier

Sorry folks, but the first U.S. involvement in Vietnam began in 1950 under President Truman and before long we were shouldering 80 percent of the cost of the war by the French. Eisenhower sent in 900 advisers to train South Vietnam troops, who were poorly trained and organized. Under Kennedy there were 16,000 American troops and under Johnson, 500,000. Depending where you research you can find references to the first American casualty in 1947, but that is not universally recognized.

Secret liberal

The Sound Off comment about Taylor Armerding being a liberal explains why we in Massachusetts have to deal with the likes of like Elizabeth “Native American” Warren and Ed “Present” Markey -- not to mention Barack “If you like your health plan, you can keep your health plan” Obama. It is depressing to me. Clearly this commenter’s reading skills needs improvement. Taylor must somehow be a secret liberal.