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November 27, 2013

Sound Off



Another Sound Off writer that said we are losing our freedom. In an age where we now have about 110 percent freedom and just about anything goes, if you write a list down of what we have lost I will double it for what we have gained. We have people now doing things that you couldn’t get a way with years ago. Years back, if you got caught driving drunk you wouldn’t drive again for a very long time. Now alcoholics have several citations against them and still get caught again. Movies used to be controlled and so we had only good ones. Now, we have all kinds of violence and sex thrown in reminding us how low we can get.

Enforce law

That Sound Off submission about bad drivers is a frustration many of us law-abiding drivers feel. I am out in traffic about eight hours a day and I am so sick and tired of seeing many traffic infractions done in the presence of a police officer in a parked cruiser. Too many police officers are lazy; that’s the problem. Taxpayers pay their salary and expect our traffic laws to be enforced. Try doing your job to the full extent of it! You are not doing society any justice by not caring. It has become dangerous to drive with many drivers thinking anything goes today.

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