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November 28, 2013

Sound Off

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — Sebelius

I am not a knee-jerk Obama hater. In fact, I am in favor of single-payer health care like most other countries have, a national sales tax and a $50,000 personal deduction on income tax. So I hardly qualify as a certified redneck Obama critic. However, I am a critic of mistakes that are repeated, and plain old incompetence. Therefore, I am calling on the Health and Human Services secratary to resign. This website issue highlights her incompetence and she needs to go. How many folks know that Salesforce.com, the premier cloud computing business application software builder, offered to build, run and maintain Healthcare.gov for free, for five years? Nope, HHS awarded a no-bid contract to a Canadian company for $600 million and counting. Free or $600 million? It’s a no-brainer. Time to resign, Madam.

Thin ice

President Obama used to think he walked on water, but it was really thin ice. Now, he’s up to his neck in hot water with no life preserver.


I just got my real estate tax bill which increased almost 7 percent. That is without the $450-plus I will have to pay for the police station. A newspaper article talked about a $6 million project for renovating schools. That’s great timing for that article, a sure way to kill the project. Enough is enough!

Poor location

Maybe some of the Methuen politicians can find a way to become useful and find a way to get the Sahara Club out of a residential neighborhood, something that should never have been there in the first place. Isn’t there a way to close-out their liquor license? Is there a way to get them a new location? Why a nightclub is in the middle of a residential neighborhood is baffling.

Nuclear option

Those on the right who deny the constant obstruction of every Obama initiative, including bills that would benefit America, have this to explain: From Eisenhower’s administration until the end of the Bush era, which includes nine administrations, the filibuster was used 20 times. Since Obama has been in office, the filibuster has been used 72 times. Can anyone blame the Senate for adopting the so-called nuclear option, which limits the use of the filibuster? Or deny that a roadblock was put on Obama from day one?

Politics matters

Anyone bored with politics, who is uninformed about what is happening to our country, I hope won’t bother to vote in their ignorance. With the destruction of the best health-care system in the world, taking away our constitutional rights, our jobs, privacy, running our economy without a budget for five years andsinking us hopelessly in debt, financially supporting our enemies, the icing on the cake is lifting sanctions against Iran, financing them, and giving them the green light for enriching uranium. I think when “Bored with politics” wakes up he will be very surprised.

Great again

Good luck to Lawrence and best wishes. I have very fond memories of Lawrence and know that with good citizens who contribute and care it can become great again.