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November 28, 2013

Letter: Obamacare may be the Democrats' Titanic


Imagine, not one Republican voted for this bill! To be sure, there are a few “glitches” but these will all be worked out, and the president is even good enough to extend, by his own authority, our personal present policies until after the elections in November 2014. What more can this good man do to ameliorate the anguish millions of citizens are presently experiencing in the present confusion?

It seems Republicans fancy that Obamacare is the iceberg upon which the Democratic ship of state will founder, slowly but inexorably. That with the ominous prospect of losing both the Senate and House, Democrats will desert the president to save their own seats and political careers. Is it possible that as it begins to slip under the waves of a resurgent Republican victory at the ballot box, these defectors will scramble to the stern of the Democratic Titanic and pray for a miracle as they and it vanish beneath the Republican sea? We shall see!

Francis Callahan


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