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November 29, 2013

Sound Off

Duplicate ballots

When a voter makes an error on ballot, they ask for a new ballot and the other ballot is marked “VOID” and placed in an envelope. The new ballot is counted. If the voided ballot is counted that would be a duplicate ballot for that person.


Right now this year Sweden and Switzerland have more millionaires than they have ever had. Would someone please tell me again why socialism is bad — not that we should have it; we are way beyond that we are too big for socialism to be practiced successfully.

Great wall

Reality is that money speaks, and those who contribute to political campaigns are rewarded by those elected when they get into office. Andover constructed a lengthy sound barrier along Interstate 93 which undoubtedly reduces the highway noise for those residents on the other side of the wall. As I sit here, I watch and listen to the unrelenting traffic of I-495 — and I wonder how the town could justify that public funds could be allocated to the benefit of some, but not others? I bought this property knowing that the highway was there, and over time it becomes white noise and not bothersome. But after seeing the “great wall” I can’t help but feel as though I’m owed something — perhaps a great wall for all.

Great race

Kudos to the fourth grade students at the Marsh Grammar School for the turkey trot race. It was very well organized and the children really enjoyed it. It’s good physical activity for the children.


I would like to thank once again a wonderful woman, Judy from North Andover. For returning my lost wallet. You really gave me a lot to be thankful for on this holiday. Thanks again.

Safe streets

I’d like to know what Mayor Zanni does with our excise taxes in Methuen. Streets and sidewalks are so terrible. Lawrence has better streets and sidewalks and also has lots of lights. Come on, Methuen. Wake up on our safety.

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