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December 1, 2013

Sound Off

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — Water rates

I keep a close tab on my Haverhill water bill, not only the price, but how many units are used per year. While consumption per quarter may vary, the cost per unit has been going up for years. Since I've just paid my final water bill for 2013, I've calculated that the 2010, 2011, 2012 and now the total price rate for 2013 have gone up each and every year. While more and more business in neighboring towns known not to have their own water sources are hooking up to us, we will be charged more and more for our own water. All this while the mayor and councilors really think its a good idea to give water to our children from the toilet known as the Merrimack River. Stop trading our children's water away for business dollars. The lessening of the water supply is what is creates the increase in cost. Take away the demand from business and we'll have the water our city needs at a more affordable rate.


In the paper, a writer mentions the name of Hayek, who was a Nobel Prize winner and wrote a book called "The Fatal Conceit: The Errors of Socialism." The writer said he is going to send a copy to Obama. We have a population now of well over 300 million with millions on welfare, more millions out of work and more millions collecting unemployment. Meanwhile, 1 percent owns it all and all the money and the power that goes with it. A new book could be called something like "99 to 1: The Poor Odds of Capitalism." I am sure there are many more titles that would fit it.

Stay informed

To the caller "Funny how": Sorry your not getting any more humor from Sound Off, but I for one, prefer the more somewhat educated remarks and also some of the stupid ones, that concern what's going on in this country (good and bad), rather than having a few laughs. I enjoy reading the pros and cons that are affecting this country. So if you prefer funny, I suggest you turn on the Comedy Channel and you can stay uninformed, like the others who haven't a clue of what's going on.

Not Nixon

Let's compare Richard Nixon to Barrack Obama. No doubt the one thing Richard Nixon did was wrong but for him to resign over it now seems to have been too extreme and unnecessary because it pales in comparison with Obama's multiple scandals, corruption, deception and deliberate lies. Obama should not only resign but should be handcuffed and prosecuted for the fraud he has committed, and his total disregard for the people and our Constitution. Richard Nixon is a choir boy compared to the deceptive, corrupt Obama.

Drinking and driving

My issue is with drunk drivers. When a person goes out drinking, do they take a designated driver? Usually, no. So when a person who goes out drinking, and knows they are drunk and going to drive, not only are they stupid but they are selfish. It's bad enough they don't think of themselves getting hurt, but they don't think of innocent people they can seriously hurt or kill! So drunk drivers, don't expect people to feel sorry for you. It's the innocent people and their families we feel sorry for. That girl killed two people and is only going to serve 3.5 years in prison! Seriously? Why not at least 20 years? She still breathes and has her family. The two who died, their families have to live without them and be in pain because of her. Let's make tougher DUI laws!


I gave up smoking quite a few years ago and now that it has become illegal almost everywhere. I noticed there are no dirty ashtrays at home or in the restaurants or in cars -- in fact they are not in cars at all anymore. Now some nuts want to make marijuana legal like alcohol. Well, after you smoke a joint what do you do with it? There will be more dirty butts and ashtrays and we'll be back where we started. As for medicinal purposes, they say it kills the pain. But if you're in the hospital they can kill the pain, and if a walking patient they can give you a prescription. What it gives you is a high and when high, nothing bothers you. If this stupid deal goes through and it becomes a problem, then take it off the market immediately.