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December 1, 2013

Letter: Still waiting for the full story on Benghazi

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — To the editor:

For those who rely on sweeping, perfunctory headlines or who desperately hope the Obama administration might appear to have even a tiny shred of integrity, read no further.

During the past week, “60 Minutes” reporter Lara Logan, along with producer Max McClellan, was placed on suspension from CBS News for failing to properly vet statements presented on Logan’s Oct. 27, 2013, investigative look into some aspects of the Sept. 11, 2012, attacks on the U.S. Consulate and CIA Annex in Benghazi, Libya. She was further rebuked for failing to mention that a CBS affiliate was the publisher of a book written by the person who made the aforementioned statements.

Ms. Logan was apparently hoodwinked by someone whose measure of integrity could easily qualify him for a high-level position in the Obama administration. This individual claimed to have seen the dead body of Ambassador Christopher Stevens in a Benghazi hospital during the night of the attacks and to have been at the Benghazi compound while the attack by Islamic terrorists was ongoing. Both employer and investigative information that has been deemed reliable belie both assertions. CBS News believed that the information was readily available to Logan and could have corrected the vetting process prior to interviewing one who claimed falsely to have been an eye witness, and then relying on his claims as factual.

The piece stayed assiduously clear of delving into what many have seen as the political deceptions of the Obama administration in the days, weeks and now one-year-plus subsequent to the bloody attacks and brutal murders. But there was one very bright spot for this writer and for many other Americans who have been anxiously awaiting the results of the FBI investigation into the events at Benghazi. The report has apparently been completed.

When Susan Rice presented the administration’s lies to the world on September 16, 2012, she did so while appearing on five heavily-viewed television shows. On one of the shows Rice assured its host, David Gregory, that the FBI would produce a “definitive” version. On another she said that the FBI investigation would tell “us” what had happened with “certainty.” I read “us” as the American people and “certainty” as, well, certainty.

A definitive version of events from that evening would be greatly appreciated by all Americans, to include registered democrats, republicans and independents, as well as history professors, military personnel and any other interested American. As mentioned, said version is apparently available.

According to USA Today, the crucial information that prompted Jeff Fager, Chairman of CBS News, to take action against Logan and McClellan came from The New York Times, which informed Fager that what Logan’s guest had said did not match what he had told the FBI. This information trail was mentioned in other accounts.

Yes, an assumption is being made and that assumption is simply that the FBI would not reveal to the Times any information that could be used publicly unless the investigation had been completed.

We, or perhaps just some of “us,” await its story.

Barry McCloskey